What colour is your business? (Mine's turquoise)

Matchy matchy

I’ve recently had some posh new triple-layer business cards printed with a sandwich layer in turquoise (I got them from Solopress). And then I just happened to see a gorgeous leather business card wallet on Etsy handmade by Helen Vallance in a lovely matching turquoise, which arrived today (beautifully wrapped). My business cards always get a bit dog-eared in the pocket of my handbag then I feel a bit embarrassed to give them out, so I thought this would be the answer.

A perfect combo of my new business cards and leather business card wallet by Helen Vallance.

A perfect combo of my new business cards and leather business card wallet by Helen Vallance.

A fetish for turquoise

Anyone who knows me even vaguely will probably have noticed that I rather like turquoise. I’m not sure why, it just makes me very happy. I find my myself naturally veering towards anything of that colour and it’s infiltrated my home, wardrobe, jewellery, handbag, and my businesses (check out my logos below).

I suspect that I will probably end up being one of those eccentric old ladies who dresses head to toe in it, with matching hair and a turquoise kettle and cat. (Hubby is not all that keen.)

The psychology behind it

I have a friend Becky Randall, who I’ve known for years through MIB Network, and who is an expert on applied colour pyschology. I thought I’d ask her what, if anything, turquoise is and here’s how she replied:

It is an energized and uplifting version of trusty blue, which denotes communication, collaboration and uplift.

It turns out she has it as her brand colour too. That got me googling and I discovered that turquoise is considered to have the calmness of blue, the growth of green and the energy of yellow. And it represents creativity.

Communication, collaboration, growth and creativity pretty much underpin everything I am and do, so the instinct to go for it makes sense.

A little bit of history about turquoise

I also discovered on wikipedia that the word itself originally comes from the name of the stone, which came from Turkey and is based on the French word for the name of the country. It wasn’t used as a word in the English language until 1900 (I wonder how they described it before then).

What colour is your business?

Then that got me thinking. What colour(s) do you instinctively go for? Speak to Becky Randall or have a google and find out what they mean and represent. Does it make sense with what and how you do things? I’d love to hear, so please comment below to let me know what you discover.

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