The big challenge - when running your business takes you away from your business

Yesterday I ran a training workshop for a small group of self-employed business owners. One of the things that came up in conversation that I hear very regularly, was that all the lady wanted to do was teach yoga but instead she was having to spend a lot of time doing all the business stuff too, taking her away from the thing she loves.

How on earth to get it done when you can’t afford to pay someone

That’s the trouble with having your own business. The “running it” takes you away from It. And when you’re a small business, maybe in the early days, maybe running it part time around your family, it’s just not viable to pay someone else to do all those extra things for you, either by outsourcing or employing. Many of us (me included) purposefully keep our businesses small to fit in with our chosen lifestyle, so may well never reach the point where we can afford to pay other people to do it all.

And the list goes on (and on)…

But the trouble is, to run an even vaguely viable business that can be seen above the noise and competition, the list of necessary chores almost certainly includes a whole heap of things that in themselves could be a full-time job:

  • Finance - Bookkeeping / Invoicing / Keeping an eye on your numbers / Tax return / Banking / Paying bills

  • Monitoring and planning - What’s been happening, what’s worked, what hasn’t / Where next? How?

  • Marketing - Content and posting for multiple social media platforms that change regularly (Facebook / Insta / Twitter / LinkedIn / Pinterest / Email marketing / Events / Networking / Blogging

  • Sales - Generating new leads and converting them

  • Website - Building it / Maintaining it / Updating it

  • Admin - take your pick, there’s always some to do

  • Design stuff - making flyers, ads and visuals to use for this and that

  • Photography and videos - for social media, website, personal branding etc

  • Sourcing - whether that’s stock, packaging, labels, printer ink, uniform, a printer etc etc etc.

  • Learning - keeping up to date with all the various changes and all the things you need to know.

It’s a bit depressing seeing it all written down isn’t it? What else could you add to it?

Bigger businesses will employ at least one person (if not a whole department of people) to do each item on that list and yet as a business owner somehow you need to do them all yourself, in addition to actually providing the service that your business offers.

So what can you do without feeling overwhelmed and running yourself ragged, letting it all slide, and/or losing the love entirely?

After 10 years of intentionally being a “solopreneur” I’m finally figuring out how to manage everything AND still have fun, spend time with the people I love, look after myself, and even get some sleep using a combination of tools, tips and tricks which I’ll share over the coming weeks.

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