Why even blackmailers should use Mailchimp ;-)

So, this morning I did a little check of my junk folder to see if anything had ended up in there which shouldn’t have, and found a rather entertaining attempt at blackmail.

How to blackmail more successfully

Now, I like to receive a nice bit of blackmail, offer from an African prince to share his fortune and handy penis enlargement tips as much as the next person, but it does irritate me when they don’t target their audience.

I mean really, I’m sure they’d have so much more success if they just segmented their contact database more effectively (which I’m sure is GDPR compliant of course).

One of the benefits of Mailchimp is that you could quite easily add tags for e.g. “male” / “pervert” / “stupid” etc. and then send targeted emails just to that segment of your database. And you could schedule them to be sent at a time when they’re more likely to be up to no good and/or have their wallet in their hand.

And then that would mean that the engagement and chance of your call to action to e.g. transfer their life savings or click on a link giving their PC a virus is so much more likely to be successful!

Anyway, here’s an extract of today’s blackmail for your reading pleasure

....A little while later, when I was searching your web browsing history I was shocked by what I saw!!

The sites for adults you are visiting… you know what I mean…

I just want to say - your fantasies are shifted far away from the normal course!…

For the last 2 months I have been spying on you through your device camera..

especially when you visited those sites to have fun… Those videos show clearly you having fun and the content for adults you were watching.. this is pretty nasty and I would be very worried if I was you.

I have secured 4 videos:

[a list of random names of video files]

[a bit more blah]

Now, because I do not like at all what I saw (that’s pretty crazy and ugly) I ask you to send me a donation through Bitcoin network. 2000 British pounds is a fair price (considering your perversions).

If you want me to forget about the whole case, remove the files and disable the nasty app that is spying you, send me the Bitcoin payment within 72 hours. Yes, I give you 72 hours only.

Blah blah blah

It went on for much longer. He’s Russian apparently. And there wasn’t an unsubscribe link at the bottom of his email either! Scandalous.

Do you need some tips or help with Mailchimp for successful blackmailing, segmentation, targeting or scheduling?

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